Welcome to the Future

Sub-markets for Alternative Energy (based on local competitive advantage) are:
  • Bio-Energy (including ethanol, bio-diesel and bio-mass) - Bio-fuel plants produce either bio-ethanol or bio-diesel used as fuel additives for purposes of reducing emissions. There are currently several proponents assessing locating bio-fuel plants in the SAAEP region, with one bio-diesel plant that commenced production in 2008. Major bio-fuels business opportunities for Alberta SouthWest include attraction of a bio-diesel process equipment manufacturer, and/or local manufacturing under license of bio-diesel process equipment, local design, engineering and structural construction of plants, local design of process control systems, and transportation related opportunities, particularly for inbound wheat and canola.
  • Solar - Southern Alberta region is a very advantageous location for the solar industry. The region exhibits the highest amounts of sun in all of Canada. Alberta has the potential to be a world leader in the supply of solar energy. The province has strengths in all three facets of solar energy; photovoltaic (PV), thermal and space heating. These strengths provide various opportunities for potential investors including the expansion of a manufacturing industry for solar equipment, developing solar farms to supply electricity to the power grid, or partnering with a research group to commercialize a break‐through technology.
  • Wind - Wind power is the fastest growing source of electricity globally showing an annual average increase of approximately 30% over the last five years. Currently in Alberta there are over 540 megawatts of wind energy connected to the power grid. There are 70 wind development projects totalling 12,000 Megawatts under construction in Canada; a large portion of that total lies in southern Alberta....a wind rich geography. In 2007, Canada ranked 11th in the world in wind generation per capita and total wind capacity.

The Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership (SAAEP)is a collaborative partnership of Alberta SouthWest, Economic Development Lethbridge, and the SouthGrow Regional Initiative, representing 37 municipalities in the south central region of the province, focused on nurturing and facilitating the region's growth as an alternative energy provider. For more information and extensive resource and opportunity reports - www.saaep.ca

Did you know:
  • The M.D. of Willow Creek is home to the largest wind farm in Canada.
  • It is estimated that wind makes up approximately 25% of the tax revenue for the MD of Pincher Creek. (Phoenix Engineering, September 2006.)