Choose Your Alberta Adventure

Southwest Alberta is Alberta’s Alberta – a land for the big sky adventurer…. a life for the small town seeker…a place where life’s simpler pleasures lie around every corner and on every horizon.

Backcountry Adventurer

There's a magic in big spaces and quiet landscape that's hard to describe. Time slows. The rhythm is nature's not yours. You are an observer...likely the only one that walks upright on two feet in your horizon line. The only need to let your feet do the walking. 

Outdoor Recreationalist

Unleash freedom’s imagination to fish trout on the wild mountain stream; hike up, down and around where what gear you bring is determined by how vertical you want to climb; camping and catching up with old friends around the campfire; or get off the more traveled paths with a trusted steed...a horse by any other name.


Southern Alberta is alive with authentic aboriginal and cowboy heritage and dramatic historic events. where historic sites and museums reveal a rich past.


"Chilling out" in Alberta is a fairly simple proposition in winter ...simply walk outside when the mighty Chinook isn't blowing. But seriously...this place is where the land will offer you solace, where watches are not required, where parks abound and quiet urban escapes will lull you into a mellow tranquility.

Arts and Culture

Hutterite. First Nations. Mormon. Rancher. Wind farmer. Barley grower. Newcomers to Canada. A diverse culture expresses itself in coffee shops, community events, spectator sports, and locally-made products you can buy.

Winter Adventure

Downhill or cross-country skiing. Curling or a hockey tournament. Snowmobiling. Winter camping. Things to do don't end when the leaves fall. that's un-Canadian!