Finding Immigration Assistance

Immigrating to a new country is a life changing event and can be challenging to some individuals. For those individuals who would like a one-on-one guidance throughout the immigration process, this section is for you.

An immigration consultant is a person who will advise, represent and consult with you in regards to immigration applications and those who make decisions over those applications. According to the immigration regulations only lawyers, members of the Chambre des Notaires du Quebec or members of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants are authorized representatives who are qualified and competent to assist you with your immigration needs. It is very important that you ensure the person you select to help you with your immigration applications is a person who falls into one of the three categories.

To ensure that your chosen representative is authorized by federal regulations you can click on the appropriate link below:

Chambre des Notaires du Quebec – an authorized representative in this group will hold quality and authenticity certificates. This link will help you understand what to look for to verify that the person in question is indeed an authorized representative.

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council – an authorized representative in this group will be shown on the membership list. This link will enable you to search by name for an individual in Canada or abroad.

Lawyers – an authorized representative in this group will be a member of a law society in Canada. The link provided will take you to the Canadian Bar Association which lists all the law societies in Canada. From there you will be able to find information about verifying the status of the representative in question with that particular law society.

It is extremely important that the individual you hire to help you with your immigration needs is a member of one of the three listed for a few reasons. First, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will only release information to a third party if that person is an authorized representative. Second, only authorized representatives can be held liable and punished by Canadian law.

Those individuals who are not authorized are called “ghost consultants” and can walk away with your money without any legal recourse. More information about ghost consultants can be found on the CSIC website.

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