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Alberta SouthWest … a landscape of opportunities

The economy of the southwest corner of Alberta is based upon tourism and geotourism, energy, alternative energy and agriculture. Alberta SouthWest has more sunshine than anywhere in Canada; stars shine brilliantly at night and chinook winds warm the winters. The birthplace of the wind industry in Canada, the region is also where the prairies meet the Rocky Mountains, creating dramatic vistas, great open spaces, and outdoor adventure recreation opportunities.

Market research indicates that significant tourism demand is also generated by heritage, arts and culture attractions. Alberta SouthWest is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, outstanding provincial historic sites, parks and a wide variety of attractions and events.

In 2007, National Geographic identified the “Crown of the Continent” region as a significant, unique and authentic geotourism destination. Southwest Alberta forms the northeast corner of this larger international region, comprised of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, and the surrounding areas of British Columbia and Montana. Collaboration with National Geographic has resulted in geotourism mapguide and website This transboundary partnership holds great potential for continued tourism development.

Regional collaboration among 15 vibrant rural communities strives to support local business and attract new enterprise to the region. There is continued demand for campgrounds, cabins and RV parks as well as ski hill expansions. Opportunities are featured in more detail in a Government of Alberta investment document that can be viewed and downloaded here.

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