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Regional Economic Development Analysis (2003) Canadian Development Solutions Inc..
The report summarizes key advantages/issues influencing regional economic development.

Municipal Services Assessment (2004) Ventus Development Services Inc.
The study summarizes research on the dynamics of shared services and supported development of STORE System to Optimize Resource Employment, on-line inventory tool.

Skill and Labour Market Analysis, (2005) Meyers Norris Penny
The study provides a description of potential industry growth areas for the region.

On-line Regional Business Directory for businesses and communities in the region, promoting visitor information and business opportunities within the region.

Fire Services Policy Review (2006) involved six communities, is documented and may be utilized as a model for the region; recommendations have been implemented.

Collaborative Purchase Implementation (2007) Westwinds Management Solutions Inc
Pilot project: Speed Sentry radar display unit now in the custody of Cardston County.

Community Revitalization Analysis for Communities: (2007) Destination Development Inc Roger Brooks provided expert community consultation in this partnership project.

Municipal Facility Inventory and Review (2008) Westwinds Management Solutions Inc
Review and inventory of publicly-owned facilities in the region, including usage patterns, scheduling functions, infrastructure needs and issues.

Bio-diesel Feasibility Study
BFuel Canada, in partnership with the SAAEP, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada completed preliminary research related to integrated biodiesel refinery in southern Alberta.

Bio-fuel Industry Opportunity Identification Report
Opportunities related to Bio-fuel Industry in Southwest and South-central Alberta

Green Growth Plan (2007) Moving Forward Inc.
Comprehensive report summarizes results of a regional consultation process and the resulting recommendations to industry, communities and all levels of government.

Waste to Energy Situational Analysis (2007) Trimark Engineering Ltd
Summary of information obtained from waste generators, waste management operators and transporters and technology vendors.

Wind Power Investment Brochure (2008) designed for CanWEA and AWEA trade shows.

SAAEP Strategic Communications Plan (2008)
Report outlines information and strategies to support contacting companies that could establish or expand alternative energy-related businesses in southern Alberta.

Alternative Energy Opportunity Profiles (2009) Western Sky Management Associates Inc
Marketing information that summarize opportunities and competitive advantage related to
Wind, Solar, Biofuel, and Geothermal energies

Wind Energy Cluster Action Plan (WECAP) (2009) Innovisions and Associates
SAAEP, in partnership with Lethbridge College, guided development of action steps to promote the competitive advantages for industry development related to wind.

Reel Adventures Alberta Movie Maps (2008)
Four REDAs and Community Futures partnered to develop 3 driving tours in southern Alberta, highlighting movie locations and nearby attractions.

Crown of the Continent Geo-tourism Council Strategic Business Plan (2008)
This 5 year plan proposes direction for the transboundary partnership between AB/BC/MT.

National Geographic mapguide (2008)
Map created in collaboration with National Geographic ,transboundary partners in BC, MT.

Geotourism Baseline Survey (2008) Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research (ITRR) University of Montana researcher, Bynum Boley, gathered geotourist baseline information prior to release of the mapguide. This will provide a benchmark to measure future impact.

Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park: 12 minute mini-documentary (2009) KSPS
Aired on PBS; tells the story of the formation of the Peace Park. AlbertaSW, Tourism Montana, and the National Parks Association partnered on production; Travel Alberta provided significant sponsorship support.

Alberta SouthWest Tourism Marketing Plan (2009) a continually updated document, developed collaboratively with regional tourism operators and Travel Alberta

Alberta’s Crown of the Continent: a Geotourism Gap Analysis and Opportunity Identification in Alberta SouthWest (2010) EcoPlan International This consultation and study identifies key “theme” areas in the AlbertaSW region that promise opportunity for tourism development

Wind Energy Supply Chain Analysis and Service Opportunities in Alberta SouthWest (2011) Western Sky Management Associates Inc
In partnership with Productivity Unit of Alberta Finance and Enterprise, conducted surveys, analysis and secondary research to define the wind industry and opportunities related to continued expansion of this industry in the region.